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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Julez Santana

Julez Santana (born LaRon Louis James on February 18, 1982)
is a half African American and half dominican rapper from Harlem, who first became known for his "featured" status on Cam'ron's 2002 hits, "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma".

Juelz Music career

Santana began writing rhymes at the age of 12. He was originally signed to Priority Records as one half a duo called Draft Pick. The group had several shows around New York City while together, including Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre, where they won two weeks in a row. Some time after this, he was introduced to Cam'ron through a cousin; in 1998, he became a member of the group, The Diplomats, whose members include Cam'ron, Jim Jones, 40 Cal, J.R Writer, Hell Rell, Jha-Jha, SAS, and Freekey Zeekey. He is now signed as a solo artist to DipSet but unlike the rest of The Diplomats, who are signed to Koch Records, Santana is currently signed to Def Jam.

He was voted #2 in the VIBE Vixen top 50 sexiest rappers behind T.I. at #1.

In his latest work, his second album, "What The Game's Been Missing!", he continues his unique flow. He was featured in Chris Brown's #1 hit "Run It!" and in the remix of Mariah Carey's # 1 single "Don't Forget About Us". Santana also had the summer hit "Mic Check" which also is on "What The Game's Been Missing!"

Juelz is best known for his ability to flow without any specific rhyme scheme.

9/11 Lyrics controversy

He is well known for the controversy over his words about the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, "I worship the late prophet/The great Mohammed Omar Atta/For his courage behind the wheel of the plane/Reminds me of when I was dealing caine". (The August 2nd New York Post called the lyrics "detestable".) "I didn't say nothing bad about September 11th", says Santana. "I just stated the fact of Atta's courage. A lot of people are not willing to do what he did, and that's the same way I feel about my Diplomat family. I'd do anything for them, and he did anything for what he believed in."

His lyrics on Cam'ron's track "I Love You" on Diplomatic Immunity Disc Two (2003) are as follows: "I still smell the rotting people that lay/down in Ground Zero/forgotten, left there for days/probably left there to stay/left to decay/broken pieces of towers left as their graves/I pray: let them be saved.

Year Title
2002 Oh Boy (Cam'ron feat. Juelz Sanatana)
2002 Hey Ma (Cam'ron feat.Juelz Santana)
2005 Mic Check
2005 Run It! (Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana)
2005 There It Go (The Whistle Song)
2005 Oh Yes


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